Cadet College Ghotki is a residential institution established on an area of 253 acres. It is located 12km away from Ghotki City on the left side of Pakistan National Highway leading towards district of Rahimyar Khan, Punjab. The college is situated amid lush green natural forest that provides a healthy environment for mental and physical growth of the cadets. Facing towards main National Boulevard the college presents an eye captivating view. Surrounded by greenery of natural flora and fauna, existence of an ever flowing canal and productive lands the college serves like a natural sanctuary for generating a soothing environment of growth of all faculties of human body. The mornings of the college are bright shining, the days pleasant, the evenings beautiful and the nights calm. They create an ideal atmosphere and context for development of inner self, intuition and sensing catharsis. Comprised of the campus, library, boarding houses, mess, playing grounds, cafeteria, shopping market, and dispensary, the College endeavors to provide every required faculty and facility to its cadets. Furthermore, it strives to carve itself out on lines of renowned residential institutions of the country.