Principal Cadet College Ghotki

Lt Col (R) Principal Azhar Hussain Shah

At the outset, I extend my earnest appreciation and heartiest compliment to my predecessors and the founders who have transformed the heritage and legacy as a flagship to me with a beautifully developing infrastructure and attractive picturesque of Cadet College Ghotki. Cadet College Ghotki Sindh, being the learning ICON of Pakistan, is established as fate changer in the field of quality boarding schools meant for cadets-young learners. Its establishment envisages to create an environment of developing moral, mental and physical grooming in well-disciplined atmosphere for the youth. For the last one decade, its graduates have not only contributed tremendously in the national mainstream, many have moved across frontiers, and are now playing their roles at the global level. Above all, being an innovative leader, the institution has helped set the model of cadet and public institutions of high repute. I dearly own the mission of CCG and add into it with roadmap of my vision a top to elevate this alma mater to zenith of unparalleled glory in the field of education, training, cultural and civilizational development by dedicating stay and employing my experience under benchmark and universality of Unity, Faith and Discipline in CCG. Which institution in Pakistan can forego to sensitize the manifesto of our Quaid-e-Azam, the same is with ours. The mission and vision of a well-rounded personality, built around the core values of character, integrity, intellectual superiority and commitment have been guiding milestone for our grooming at CCG. That’s why our graduates have proved to survive in some of the most adverse conditions of diverse competitions and nostalgia. They always ensure to fight their way to the top, because that’s how they have been prepared and conditioned during their highly impressionable years of adolescent youth here. Their natural potential for effective teamwork and strong communication skills actually grow from the years of intimate comradeship developed in the dorms of their Wings here, and from the moments of mind-blowing sporting glory experienced at the sports grounds. Their eloquence and intellectual alertness is the reflection of their insightful and heated discourses in the class and assemblies and during the after-dinner strolls around the leisurely walk. The BOGs always focused the CCG roads/facilities, and the College sports grounds are being named after the founders among governors and Principals. Academic excellence has always been highlighted as the central point of our priorities here, because we know that it plays a pivotal role in the proper placements of our graduates. CCG is committed to produce high-achievers in its academic roadmap in order to become synonymous with Board toppers. Our programs are the strength to have our students accepted not only in the very best of the national universities, but even in all walks of life as young leaders. Equipped with highly qualified faculty and requisite administrative staff, the college is striving for excellence @ functioning round the clock with a sense of commitment and dedication at full throttle to come up to expectations of cadets and their parents. God willing, one day CCG will cultivate unprecedented symbolism of service to nation and motherland, I believe. CCG is rising to come a long way from where it started its journey since 2010, and is always ready to safeguard the cadets for perseverance to new challenges. With Pakistan at the centre-stage of many controversies in the global perceptions, we need to equip our scholars with the skills to not only excel and distinguish in multi-cultural global settings, but to also prove effective ambassadors of a progressive Pakistan. It’s incumbent upon us to break our national shell now, and to prepare our graduates for the greater challenges of a multiverse global village. ”